Fibonacci Support and Resistance-Fibonacci Studies

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Fibonacci Support and Resistance-Fibonacci StudiesSit back and relax as the system does all the work for you identifying the most probable reversal points IN ADVANCE!

If you are in search of an Expert Advisor that will automatically trade the markets for you, read no further. You will not find in this site any such EA or any other "Black Box" strategy or any exaggerated back-test performance. There are plenty of those else where.

However, if you are searching for a professional grade tool that is flexible enough and opens up potential profits for you, then read on…

Before I continue with this letter I want to be totally honest with you. I am a trader and not a professional marketer; so, you will not find any high-end sales tactics or any flashy graphics or any pop-up offers trying to pressure you into buying anything. Heck, I even wrote this letter myself!

I lay everything out to you as it is. You are free to browse the site in peace and leave in peace if you so wish.

Using these Fibonacci indicators, although useful, is somewhat subjective, slow and cumbersome since you either have to plot Fibonacci retracement or Fibonacci expansion levels manually and separately or have to refresh the custom indicator constantly to plot the new levels.

Calculate all possible Fibonacci Retracement, Fibonacci Expansion, Fibonacci Extension and Fibonacci Alternate studies

Automatically filter and sort all Fibonacci support and resistance levels produced and generate the highest probable areas of Fiboancci support and resistance. Then once it is all set and done,

Determine the highest probable price reversal levels for the next trading day that are relevant to your specific instrument and time-frame.

If you are a Fibonacci fan and use it on daily basis in your trading and you are not excited yet, you need to check your pulse!

Automated – The indicator will automatically plot the most up-to-date probable reversal areas and plot them for you within seconds.

Leading Indicator – The indicator will display the reversal levels near the open of each day so that you may plan your trades accordingly.

Trade Any Offered Instrument – The indicator works well on any traded instrument supported by an MT4 broker (Forex, CFD’s, Indexes, Metals, etc). New instruments are added to PMP’s database on regular basis as optimized settings are identified.

Versatile- Price levels easily incorporate into any strategy. You are not locked into a specific method to trade.

No Repainting – The indicator will not re-paint. Although market swings are dynamicaly changing throughout the day, all levels are calculated in advance based on available swings up to the point of market open and will stay there for the duration of the day! New swings are then evaluated for the next day and the levels are updated (i.e. the lines will never shift as you trade for the 24 hour duration).

Let me tell you how things will work. When you join, you will be provided with an indicator that you apply to any offered instrument of your choice and time-frame.

Once applied, all you have to do is enter your log-in credentials and then let it rip! The software will automatically display potential reversal levels on your screen. If your favorite instrument isn’t offered yet, don’t fret it; I am constantly working on adding more instruments. Feel free to drop me a note of your favorite instrument and I will add it to the database. My servers will perform all the complex Fibonacci analysis on price and make potential reversal levels available for you in seconds saving you time and effort.

Do you think you can use this information to your advantage? OF COURSE YOU CAN! If you knew in advance that these levels represent strong support or resistance levels and highly probable reversal levels, what is there to stop you from using this information to trade? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Please remember, none of the examples you see on this page have been manipulated in any way, forecasts produced were drawn near the open of each day, never repainted to make screenshot look better, so you are always confident that the lines will stay put right where they are for the entire duration of the trading day and will only update when a new day starts based on new swings created in the market.

Not only am I giving you free access to the site, but I am also giving you complete access to the indicator FOR FREE!! Just create a free account and you will gain access to the membership area for immediate download of the indicator.

With the indicator you will be able to plot support & resistance levels in real-time as they update every 24-hours between the hours of 5 PM and 7 PM Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5) automatically!

Download the indicator and test it for two weeks on me! If you don’t like it, no harm done, uninstall the software off your machine, and you get to keep any bonuses offered. No questions asked!

But, don’t let the price fool you though, this indicator is professional grade and if the big boys knew I am offering it at this price, they will definitely fill all available membership spots very fast!

You are probably wondering why I am offering a subscription service instead of selling the indicator outright, and that is a legitimate question. Here is the answer:

I specifically opted to offer this service… Read more…

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