Day trading, swing trading and position trading for stocks and commodities

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Day trading, swing trading and position trading for stocks and commoditiesListen, you may not know me and therefore be skeptical of what I am about to say. Your skepticism is actually a good thing as there is so much hype and bull shit on the market. That’s why I stand by my program with a full 56 day 100% money-back guarantee. I am that confident in my program. Before I give you all the details, I need to share something with you. I used to get a real kick out of helping people who had walked into my office doubled over in pain and 30 minutes later leave feeling much better. It was truly satisfying and at those times and as corny as it may sound, I felt like I had found my calling in life. But… That’s only half the story.

Boy was I excited and barely slept a wink until it arrived in my mailbox. I knew I was soon going to be raking in the money in no-time flat!

After a few months I was thankfully able to apply all this expensive knowledge to grab a few quick points here and there. But time and time again I missed the big moves that always seemed to take off without me.

All I got was more confused as they all had different opinions about the markets. What’s more, they still left me with a nagging uncertainty about how and when to best take a trade.

Amazingly after all this, I was still thinking about buying yet another piece of software or attending another seminar!

The truth is half of what I bought was pure junk and another forty percent was descent. That last 10% contained some unpolished gems that had promising potential.

Through 5 years of exhaustive trial and error I eventually found a combination of these gems that I could apply day in and day out in any market. No I didn’t find the "Holy Grail", but…

I did create a step-by-step method that 97% of traders don’t know and… When combined with sound money management techniques provided the best results I had ever seen!

Don’t take my word for it, check out how traders around the world have been doing using my strategies. (All comments are unsolicited)

"Dear Dr Jeff, I started trading just over 4 years ago, and over that period I had purchased several trading strategies. It was about September 2004, when I came across your material, and given the small price I thought I would give it a whirl.

Well what can I say, except that trading the forex, I have turned a £1000 account to almost £4,000 in 30 days. So how did I achieve this…?

Simple, I read you manual & watched your videos many times, in conjunction with paper trading so that your strategy became second nature. I ensured that I stuck to the rules that you laid out to the letter!. However, I did add one of my own physiological techniques, whereby when I was having a good run, I would walk away from the market and not trade, and during that period, I would go through the manual & videos again to remind me of the basics, and stop me from becoming complacent.

Looking back I would gladly have paid 10 times for the strategy, and you are truly my number one mentor in the trading arena. For those of you who have not purchased Dr Jeff’s strategy, I would strongly recommend hat you do so, I think Dr. Jeff should easily be charging 10 times the price he is currently advertising."***

"Just made $550 in March Bean meal in 2 days, $750 in Feb. Hogs a few days ago holding it for 2 days."

I just made $550 in March Bean meal in 2 days, $750 in Feb. Hogs a few days ago holding it for 2 days. I also day traded March Yen and made $275 today and day traded the E Mini and made $200. Being from Hawaii, I now have the rest of the day to do whatever I want. Thanks again,***

"Your approach realized a nice 7.5 points today!" "Hi Jeff, I hope that all is well. I sometimes day trade Eminis for daily income, although it is not used for other trades. Your approach realized a nice 7.5 points today in the SP500 mini."***

"After studying your Trade Secrets program and checking your daily emails, I decided to do it and started trading your IB setups on GE. Then I noticed a very strange thing (a good one), for the first time I started to make money trading with your high probabiltiy setups. In GE’s strong 20 MA down trend, your IB setup with a Stochastic divergence said to BUY (so I bought 10 call options with your stop loss in chapter 6 & your trailing stop loss in Chapter 14), then your IB setup said to sell (so I sold 10 put options with your stop loss in chapter 6 & your trailing stop loss in Chapter 14). Both made money in a matter of days. Now it looks like a double bottom is forming and I’m waiting for the next IB setup (Stochastic went below 20). I’m really happy that I purchased your Trade Secrets program as it has given me greater confidence to trade with higher probability of entering and exiting trades. Your IB setups are like having an X-Ray machine on the market! I planning to open a trading account for my 17 age daughter & my sons and for them to trade your system too. Thanks and God bless you for sharing your dynamic system to… Read more…

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