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Cracking the Forex CodeIf you ever want to make a fortune in investments, you should know what the “Forex Edge” is….

With the “Forex Edge”, a few happy people have made up to 8,652% gain on just ONE trade alone in 2009.

The “Forex Edge” is how people like Alex Edmonson have recently become quite rich. Alex used it to rake in $115,352 in just five months.

Kenny Jackson also got into this trade, pocketing $243,882 last year, thanks to the “Forex Edge”.

After getting in with the “Forex Edge”, Andre De Cruz pocketed $564,700. That’s an average of $1,547 per DAY — a pretty nice income, if you ask me.

The thing is, even if you had missed last year’s opportunity, you can still take advantage of similar 1,000%+ gains that happen a few times every year.

Now this isn’t some get-rich-overnight scheme where you strike a million dollars if you are “lucky”.

Instead, the “Forex Edge” is a powerful trading secret with a proven history of turning ordinary people into millionaires… in the most lucrative investing sector on Earth — the foreign exchange market.

And you can use it to make a fortune from anywhere in the world, anytime you like… no matter your age, income, or level of investing experience.

He didn’t grow up with lavish wealth, and as he struck out on his own — after failing to earn a university degree — Bruce had to take odd jobs just to pay the rent.

In between, he filled his time with such fantasy pursuits like playing the harp and becoming a writer.

Bruce had just gotten married… and the small wage he was earning as a cab driver just wasn’t cutting it.

However, despite a nervous first trade… he watched that $3,000 balloon into $40,000 in almost no time at all… however, he had his eye on a bigger prize. It was pretty clear that Forex was the fastest way to make money without risking everything he had. He jumped in, and he never looked back.

Of course, as Bruce continued his pursuit of Forex riches, he didn’t win every trade… but he sure won enough to turn that original $3,000 into a $20 million fortune within nine years.

Thanks in large part to the “Forex Edge”, Bruce spends his time relaxing in his Fifth Avenue apartment in New York City, organizing his rare books and manuscripts, or writing donation checks to the Julliard School of Arts.

The thing is, while Bruce was ambitious and put $3,000 into his first trade, it doesn’t take nearly that much to become the world’s newest Forex millionaire.

He was so desperate for money, he would actually put a bus stop sign in front of the restaurant so people would be more likely to hang around and come in.

But then something happened. After years in the no-money food business, Jonah learned about the “Forex Edge”.

He’d always had an interest in investing, but he was a bit skeptical of Forex trading — people had told him it was risky and too hard to understand for a new investor.

However, never one to let a good opportunity pass, Jonah gave in and made his very first trade… and earned $350 in around 15 minutes.

He was so happy, in fact, that he uses the “Forex Edge” to this day to pocket money at an alarming rate.

Of course, I bet you’re wondering by now exactly why these guys are able to amass such immense fortunes.

Put simply, leverage is what allows tiny fluctuations in the currency market to turn into absolutely massive gains.

Let me compare this with the stock market. When you buy shares, $1,000 invested controls only $1,000 worth of shares.

This means that a small 5-cent price movement translates into a movement of $5,000 worth of currency.

The highest leverage made available — a 400:1 leverage… means $2,500 invested controls $1,000,000 worth of currency… where a 5-cent movement translates into a movement of $20,000 worth of currency.

The thing is, most people just don’t know exactly when to take action… or what currency to look at… or when the next thousand-percent play is going to happen.

But if people who do know exactly when to make the trade, rakes in anywhere from $2,000 to $12,500 on a single trade.

That’s why I’m writing you this letter. I’m going to show you what is the “Forex Edge” and how you can use it to rake in the biggest gains the market has to offer.

Keep in mind: Once you have the “Forex Edge”, it takes very little time — about nine minutes to make a single trade — and you could quickly see astonishing gains.

In fact, when compared with ordinary stocks, it’s a no-brainer. Forex trading is much easier to make a fortune.

I’ve never understood why so many people get caught up in ordinary stock investing when the returns simply aren’t that good.

I mean, there’s always the chance of that rare biotech company that hands you 25 times your money… but those opportunities are extremely few and far between.

I’m not just spouting off here… take a look at what happened on October 20, 2009 at Wall Street, the world’s largest stock market…

These were some of the biggest gainers that day, according to CNNMoney: Cimatron Ltd. went up 24 cents… Forbes Medi-Tech went up 16 cents… Aehr Test Systems went up 26 cents… Media General went up 57 cents.

Even if you owned 100 shares of… Read more…

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