Candlestick Charting Strategies (Trading Options with Michael Thomsett Book 3)

Hello, my name is MICHAEL THOMSETT and I have been trading in the equity and options markets for more than 35 years. I make the complex simple. At Thomsett Options, our goal is to educate investors like you about the options market AND give you the training you need to safely make money in the markets today. We believe that an educated investor can use options to not only generate high returns, but to do so in a conservative manner.

Did you know?
Although most traders are aware of candlestick charting and the attributes of each session’s appearance, many do not fully understand how to spot or confirm important signals provided by these charts.

Would you like to better understand Candlestick Charting?

Would you like to see real world examples of using Candlestick Charting in my trades?

Would you like to know how to use Candlestick Charting to better time your trades and improve your profit potential?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then this book may be helpful to you. To maximize you're learning experience I've organized this book into a training course format so that, as you read, you'll be asked to participate along with way with various exercises. There is also a Final Assessment at the end so you can test your knowledge!

This course describes how to find and interpret dozens of candlestick charting patterns and indicators. Students will discover the attributes of reversal, continuation and context-specific indicators in one-, two- or multiple-session candlesticks; identify confirmation methods; and use candlesticks to confirm other technical indicators. This book is divided into the following sections:

1 – The Basics
2 – Single Signs
3- Double Moves
4- Complex Patterns
5- Reversal Analysis
6- Volume and Volatility
7- Set-up Signals
8- Swing Trading
9- Trends
10- The Assessment
11- Assessment Answers

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