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Become A Successful TraderMost traders spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the pursuit of the dream of financial independence. Only 1 in 20 make it! So where do they go wrong?

They don’t understand two things – that black and white rules cannot be applied to markets and that they’ll never succeed unless they reprogram their psychology. The concept that a $97 system can make the average man financially independent is as ridiculous as expecting the average shop girl to be a CEO of a big multi-national.

And yet those thousands of traders keep giving money to system sellers instead of taking responsibility for their lack of success and changing themselves. Nobody wants to do that and nobody wants to admit that the fault lies with them rather than the lack of a good system!

Have you noticed how some people just breeze through live expecting to succeed, whereas most of us struggle with repeated failures when outside our ‘comfort zone’? Discipline and ‘will power’ cannot overcome a subconscious that is programmed to limit outrageous success. The truth is that we can achieve anything we want in life if our subconscious truly believes we deserve it.

When you learn this secret and how to reprogram your subconscious, wealth becomes easy. Of course, you must also apply the right effort and learn the right skills – Success For Traders helps you to acquire those. The truth is that the market is forever changing and systems need to be modified continually. When you learn how to create your own trading systems, you will be a totally independent trader and be able to adjust to market conditions for the rest of your life. See the contents of this 122 page guide below.

Just wanted to say that your Success For Traders has turned my trading (and my world) around. Full of fascinating material and it works!!!!

I purchased your book Success for Traders last Friday, I am only up to page 50 but already feel this could be the best book I have ever read ( well done )

I have previously read books such as “Think and Grow Rich”, and many many others based around this subject and watched The Secret etc and been on Motivational Seminars by Jack Black, Anthony Robbins etc, I don’t believe these are as good as the first half of your e book.

"No matter how hard you try, no matter how strong your desires and ‘will power’, in the battle between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind the latter will always win. This is particularly true for trading. Understand this and you will understand that to be a successful trader is not a just question of practice, experience and having a good system. It’s a question of reprogramming your mind and truly expecting profitable trades." Read more…

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